CBD Oil Night Drops 300mg

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Recover. Relax. Recharge. NanoCraft Night utilizes a suite of known sleep support agents in tandem with our highly bioavailable nano-emulsified Broad Spectrum CBD, to help you ease into flawless rest. With a taste of relaxing lavender and a blend of passionflower, 5-HTP and a touch of melatonin this calming blend is the perfect way to prepare your mind and body for deep, restorative sleep.

1 review for CBD Oil Night Drops 300mg

  1. D Ruggles

    I was a skeptic. Cant get to sleep? Trouble staying a sleep? This stuff is amazing!! Started out with 1/2ml (1/2 droper) 20 minutes later I can feel the effects, 30 minutes later I’m In bed. Now I’m taking about 1/4 ml every night. I will honestly tell you, I have not had this kind of rest for years with no lingering drowsiness the next day which occurred with the OTC and pharma I’ve trialed in the past and refused to continue. OH! Another thing that’s been occurring is lower blood pressure. I am talking with my doctor to make adjustments to my BP meds. My new goal is to get off them completely.

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